Peak Demand

0 MW

Total installed capacity

0 MW

Projects Under construction

Major projects currently under construction and soon to be online

140 MW

Tanahu hydropower

456 MW

Upper tamakoshi

111 MW


Proposed Projects

1 MW
Upper Arun
1 MW
1 MW

Frequently asked questions

NEA stands for Nepal Electricity Authority. It is the sole authorised body for distribution and management of electricity in Nepal.

Mr. Kulman Ghising is the managing director.

No. Although NEA was incurring huge losses for a long time , the situation has dramatically improved. In FY 2018/2019 NEA made net profit of  NRs. 7,204.67 million.

Yes, from India. Nepal has been importing upto 450 MW from India.

Yes, to India. During wet season when there is energy surplus , Nepal exports electricity to India.

Probably no. Infact if current trends in enery sector continues, Nepal will have excess of electricity in next 5 years.

It has been markedly reduced to 15.32%.