Upper Arun Hydroelectric Project

Civil Works

The UAHP is a proposed 335 MW hydroelectric facility to be located on the Arun River in Sankhuwasabha District of eastern Nepal; about 15km south of the international border with Tibet and 220 km east of Kathmandu (see Annex 2). The proposed dam site is located in the Chepuwa Village, in a narrow gorge about 350m upstream of the Arun River’s confluence with the Chepuwa River. The proposed power plant site is located in the Hatiya Village 16km downstream of the dam site, near the Arun River’s confluence with the Leksuwa River. The right bank of the Arun River at the proposed UAHP site falls within the Makalu Barun Buffer Zone, which is adjacent to the Makalu Barun National Park. The proposed UAHP damsite is therefore located at the edge of the Buffer Zone.


Type of Development Peaking Run-of-River (PRoR)
Location Chepuwa village, Sankhuwasabha District
Maximum Output 335 MW
Annual Energy 2,050 GWh
Design Discharge 58.7 m3/s
Power House (Underground)
Number of units 4
Transmission line
Construction Cost
Construction Time Period