Rasuwagadhi Hydroelectric Project


The project is located in Thuman and Timure village (ward no. 1 and 2 of Gosaikunda
Gaupalika) of Rasuwa district. The project can be accessed by the Kathmandu-Trisuli-Rasuwagadhi road which is about 150 km North from Kathmandu. The headwork site is about 400m downstream from the confluence of Kerung and Lende khola which is the Boundary Rivers between Nepal and China.


The construction of the project is categorized into three different Lots. For Lot 1: Civil
and Hydro-Mechanical Works, M/S China International Water and Electric Corp. (CWE) is
the contractor under Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract model.
Similarly, M/S VOITH Hydro Pvt. Ltd, India is the contractor for Lot 2: Electromechanical Works under P & DB contract model. M/S Mudbhary and Joshi Construction Pvt. Ltd. is the contractor for Lot 3: Transmission Line works which includes construction of about 10 km long 132 kV double circuit transmission line. The project Consultant M/S SMEC International Pty. Ltd., Australia has been continuously supervising the Lot 1 & Lot
2 construction works, reviewing and approving the designs submitted by the contractors and coordinating with the contractors for smooth operation of construction work activities.


Type of Development  
Location Thuman and Timure Village, Rasuwa District
Maximum Output 111 MW
Annual Energy 613.87 GWh
Gross Head 167.9 m
Design Discharge 80.00 m^3/sec
Headrace Tunnel 4185 m Length
Power House (Underground) 76.3 m x 15.0 m, 35.0 m (L x B x H)
Construction Cost  
Construction Time Period