Kathmandu electricity distribution out maxed out

According to a recent news report, the electricity distribution system has been experiencing overload due to increased demand. Peak demand of electricity in Kathmandu valley stands at around 450 MW which is also the current maximum capacity of the age old distribution system.

With phasing out of load-shedding, the citizens have begun relying more on state distributed electricity. Kathmandu has experienced steady supply of electricity past few years making national supply reliable for most customers.

Increased demand has led to tripping of circuits and frequent power outages in most part of Kathmandu. NEA is hard at work fixing issues wherever found by replacing transformers and feeders. There are also plans of constructing new substation to meet the ever increasing demand. Future plans include completely redesigning the distribution system from scratch.

The government aims to encourage increased consumption of electricity to even replace cooking gas at some point in future. With production exceeding consumption next year,its important for the NEA to be able to increase consumption to prevent energy loss hence reduce profit. In accordance to this plan NEA has decided to charge less per unit for those consumers who consume large amount of electricity.