Trishuli Hydropower

Trishuli Hydropower Station, located at Trishuli, Nuwakot, previously with installed capacity of 21 MW consisting of 7 units each of 3 MW commissioned in 1967 AD and developed jointly by Government of India and Government of Nepal at a cost of INR 140 million. It was rehabilitated in 1995 AD and upgraded to 24 MW with 6 units each of 3.5 MW and one unit of 3 MW. It is a peaking run-of-river hydropower station with annual design generation of 163 GWh. The power station is in continuous operation since commissioned around forty five (45) years ago.

The cumulative generation of Trishuli HPS has reached 4,449.31 GWh till 2011/12 from its first run. The station has generated 128.25 GWh in FY 2010/11 and 134.77 GWh in FY 2011/12 with an increase of 5.09%. The generation from this station contributed 3.23 % of the total energy in the INPS in 2011/12.


Type Peaking-run-of-river
Location Trishuli, Nuwakot
Installed capacity 24MW (peaking capacity 21MW)
Annual average energy 163 GWh
Maximum Net head 51.4 m
Catchment area 2600km2
Average annual flow 45.66 m3/s
Dam 139.6m length
Total length of the waterways 4,792m
Penstock 71.66m long, Ø 2.3m, 3 Nos., steel lined
89m long, Ø 1.5m, 1 No., steel lined
Number and Type 7, Francis
Rated discharge 7.8 m3/s
Rated output 3,620 kW
Rated speed 500 rpm
Rated output 3889 kVA
Rated voltage 6.6 kV
Rated frequency 50Hz
Power factor 0.9
Power transformer 5 MVA, 6.6/66 kV, single phase, 6 Nos.
Transmission line 66 kV, 27.36 km, Double circuit