Marsyangdi Hydropower

Marsyangdi Hydropower Station is a peaking run-of-river power station with installed capacity of 69 MW with three units of 23 MW each and its annual design generation is 462.5 GWh. It is located at Aanbu Khaireni, Tanahun in the central region about 114 km west of Kathmandu on Prithivi Highway and lies on the right bank of Marsyangdi River. It was commissioned in 1989 AD and developed with the assistance from IDA, KFW, KFED, SFD, ADB and GON at a cost of USD 22 million.

The generation from this power station contributed 10.67 % of the total energy to the INPS.


Type:    Peaking-run-of-river

Location:   Aanbu Khaireni VDC, Tanahun

Installed capacity:  69 MW

Average annual generation:  462.5 GWh

Catchment area:  3850 Sq. Km

Live storage volume:  1.5 million m3

Rated Head:  90.5m

Weir:  102m long, Concrete Head race tunnel:  7199m,

Dia:   6.4m, concrete lined

Penstock:  75m long,

Dia:   5m, steel lined

Turbine Number and Type:  3, Vertical 

Francis Rated Discharge:  30.5m3/s

Rated output:  26 MW

Rated speed:  300 rpm

Generator Rated output:  30 MVA

Rated voltage:  11 kV

Rated frequency:  50Hz

Power Factor:  0.85

Excitation:   Thyripol Self Excitation

Power Transformer:  10 MVA, 11/132 kV, 9 (+1 Spare) Single phase

Transmission Line:  132kV, Total 108 Km (Balaju 83Km + Bharatpur 25Km)