Middle Marsyangdi Hydropower

Middle Marsyangdi Hydropower Station located at Bhoteodar, Siundibar, Lamjung with installed capacity of 70 MW is a peaking run-of-river type scheme with daily pondage for five hours and annual design generation of 398 GWh. It was commissioned in 14 December, 2008 and uses latest technology amongst all power stations of NEA. The powerhouse and headworks of MMHPS are located at a distance of 27 km and 34 km respectively from Dumre. The Dam site is located between Udipur and Chiti and the sub-surface powerhouse is situated on the right bank of the Marsyangdi River at Siundibar, Bhoteodar VDC.

The cumulative generation of the station has reached 1574.84 GWh till 2011/12 with maximum generation of 425.34 GWh in the same year exceeding the designed generation of 397.59 GWh and target generation of 399.31 GWh. The station has contributed 10.18 % of the total energy share in INPS.


Type Run of river with daily poundage for 5 hours peaking
Location Phalia Sanghu (Headworks) / Siudibar (Powerhouse)
Installed capacity 70 MW
Average annual generation 398 GWh
Catchment area 2,729 km2
Average annual flow 99.5 m3/s
Maximum gross head / Net head 110 m / 98 m
Live storage volume 1.65 million m3
Total length of the waterways 5940 m
Dam Combined concrete gravity and rock fill dam, crest length 95m
Penstock 1 no., concrete cased steel pipe, 212-218 m length, Dia 4.60 m
Number and Type 2 Francis, vertical shaft
Rated Discharge 40 m3/s
Rated output 35.9 MW
Rated speed 333.33 rpm
Rated output 39 MVA
Rated voltage 11 ± 7.5% kV
Rated frequency 50Hz
Power Factor 0.85 – 0.90
Power Transformer 6 + 1 spare, single phase, 14.5 MVA each, 11/132 ± 2*2.5% kV, ONAN
Transmission Line 132 kV, 38.2 km, conductor CARDINAL