Kulekhani-II Hydropower

Kulekhani-II Hydropower Station, located at Nibuwatar, Makwanpur, is a cascade of Kulekhani-I with installed capacity of 32 MW and annual design generation of 104.6 GWh. It was commissioned in 1986 AD and developed in assistance from OCEF Japan and Government of Nepal at a cost of NRs. 124 million.

The Plant has faithfully cascaded the generation of Kulekhani-I while also boosted with water intake from Mandu and Rapti pumping. Every year Mandu intake is cleaned after the wet season to allow the filtered water to the intake pond. Survey was carried out to explore the possibility of addition of Mandu and Rapti in an extensive scale such that one unit could run while Kulekhani-I is not operated for storage of water.


Type Cascade plant of Kulekhani hydropower/ Peaking power station
Location Bhainse VDC, Bhainse, Makawanpur
Installed capacity 32 MW
Maximum Gross/ Net head 310/284.1m
Power tunnel Dia 2.5m, 5847.8m long
Penstock 1 no., steel pipe, Ø 2.1-1.5 m, Length: 843 m
Number and Type 2, Vertical Francis Turbine.
Rated Discharge 16.65m3/s
Rated output 16500 kW
Rated speed 750 rpm
Rated output 18.8 MVA
Rated voltage 6.6 kV
Rated frequency 50Hz
Power Factor 0.85
Excitation Brushless 3 phase rotating armature
Power Transformer 12.6 MVA , 132/6.6 kV, 3 nos., single phase
Transmission Line 132 kV, Hetauda line-7.9 km, Siuchatar line- 33.4 km