Kaligandaki A Hydropower

Kaligandaki A Hydropower Station, located at Beltari, Syangja is the largest power station in Nepal with installed capacity of 144 MW with 3 units each having capacity of 48 MW. It is a six hours peaking run-of-river type power station having annual design generation of 842 GWh and was commissioned in 2002. Aided by favorable river discharge and increasing load in the western region, it exceeded the target and design generation in FY 2011/12. This also indicated that with rigorous operation practice in intake area, timely repair activities and proper operational support, generation can be increased even further.

The cumulative generation of the station till F/Y 2011/12 has reached 6,960.431 GWh from the first run. The plant recorded the highest generation of 860.754 GWh so far in F/Y 2011/12 which is an increase of 11.0% compared to that of previous year and has a share of 20.6% of the total energy in INPS in FY 2011/2012.


Type Peaking-run-of-river
Location Shree Krishna Gandaki VDC, Syangja
Installed capacity 144 MW
Annual average energy 842 GWh
Maximum gross head/net head 130m / 115m
Catchment area 7618km2 (Kaligandaki river) and 476km2 (Andhikhola river)
Live storage volume 3.1 million m3
Total length of the waterways 183m power conduit, 5905m headrace tunnel
Penstock 1 Nos., 243m long, Ø 5.25m, inclined steel lined
Number and Type 3 Francis
Rated discharge 44.86 m3/s
Rated output 48MW
Rated speed 300 rpm
Rated output 56.5MVA
Rated voltage 13.8kV
Rated frequency 50Hz
Power factor 0.85
Excitation Static
Power transformer 56.5 MVA, 13.8/132 kV, 3 phase, 3 nos.
Transmission line 132kV, 104.6km (Single circuit of 65.5km to Pokhara sub-station and double circuit of 39.1km to Butwal sub-station)