NEA starts enhancing its distribution system

In a bid to upgrade its distribution system in the Kathmandu Valley, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has started the process of laying underground electric cables in number of locations of the Valley.

According to the authority, it has recently invited bids to install underground distribution system following the piloting of the first phase program in areas covered by the Maharajgunj Distribution Centre and Ratnapark Distribution Centre.

“We have contracted the project at these two locations and now we are looking forward to build similar system in other distribution network of the valley,” NEA Spokesperson told Prabal Adhikari.

Adhikari said the NEA has targeted to improve the distribution system in the valley by implementing the project. “The authority has formulated a master plan to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply system,” he added.

The cumulative generation of the station has reached 1574.84 GWh till 2011/12 with maximum generation of 425.34 GWh in the same year exceeding the designed generation of 397.59 GWh and target generation of 399.31 GWh. The station has contributed 10.18 % of the total energy share in INPS.